Fun and laughter is as good as a holiday!

I don’t know about you – but the mood around our region has been getting rather heavy lately. The Sunshine Coast has been hit, there’s no doubt about it. We are feeling it too! Our usual Christmas peak, barely raised an eyebrow, and the eightball has been hovering nearby ever since.

So, how do you normally handle unexpected challenges? Give up, plod on, aim higher??

In our household there’s a motto – “there’s always a solution”…..(actually it’s my wife’s motto she shares with the kids, to teach them resiliance, but secretly I kinda like it!)

We’ve been established for 8 years now, and are here to stay. But the current situation calls for change, hope and dedication to our vision. Our vision to alleviate the causes and triggers of physical pain. So, this newsletter is dedicated to that. Expect to see some exciting developments and announcements in the coming months.

So, in the spirit of lightening the mood, here’s ten fun and laughter tips to keep you smiling!!

1. STOP. Right where you are. Laugh for 3 mins for no reason (if anyone looks at you strangely, ask them to join in!)
2. Cultivate your inner child. Act silly. You don’t have to be ‘mature’ all the time! (Thanks Kama J Frankling for this idea)
3. Instead of a ‘swear jar’ have a laughter jar filled with smiley face stickers. Wear one every time you are ‘caught’ being grouchy.
4. Start the morning with a belly laugh the moment your feet hit the floor. You’ll be amazed how much joy to your day that will bring!
5. Share a funny embrarressing moment and have a good laugh about it
6. Where a funny hat at the plaza – offer a big grin to everyone that stares!
7. Post a funny photo of yourself on Facebook and invite your friends to add a caption (thanks Darren Gaudry for this idea)
8.Play with things that seem like work. E.g. dance doing the housework, or sing requests instead of nagging your kids (thanks to my wife for that idea!)
9. Next time you feel like worrying, smile in the mirror for 5 minutes. Your brain won’t know the difference, and your mood will completely change!
10. Remember that “Even if there is nothing to laugh about, you can laugh on credit.”

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” PLATO


In the spirit of unpredictable fun, we went to a DOODLE JAM session over the Easter break. Me, Krishna and the kids Luke and Lily, created a family doodle to live music. What an experience! No pressure, no rules, and it was interesting the symbolism that showed up in the picture! It was only $50 for the family experience. Not bad huh! Visit for more info, and tell Paul we sent you.

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Kama - May 4, 2011

Great post! Lots of great ideas for not taking it all so seriously. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Kama

Sandy - May 4, 2011

Love the ideas – wish I’d thought of the smiley jar when my kids were little 🙂 I’m not too sure they’d have appreciated the singing though – LOL

Hayley Green - May 4, 2011

That was a great post.Made me smile thank you!


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